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    To write about me is to write about family -- parents, grandparents, husband, children, friends, teachers, even strangers who have, one way and another, influenced the "me" I have become, am still becoming.  I have read somewhere that a poem is never finished, just relegated to paper and print, waiting for the next edit.  Don't get me wrong--I am no lyric beauty.  Nor do I consciously wait for some internal awakening or external event to expand or reduce the "me" typing this lame biographical note.  But I am, in a sense, made up of varying lines the world has arranged, letter by letter, into Delores Lynn Due Doiron.  And I have a strong feeling that life, the "editor" of my days, will continue to "tweak" my perceptions, how I view and understand what surrounds, and how what surrounds views and interprets me. 

           Along the way to becoming, I have sold Avon door-to-door, built two natural stone fireplaces, changed saw blades on welding shop machinery, been a bookkeeper, real estate agent, secretary, log-peeler, oil painter, textile artist, horse-shoe tosser, quilter, gardener, hunter, two-stepping country-dance fanatic, student, editor, lampshade maker, beader, embroiderer, poet, braggart, whiner, celebrant, and mourner.  My late husband, Al, once told me I was good, but that I always stopped short of perfecting whatever I was attempting.  And, I suppose if I could "consciously" make a "line" edit to the me I am these days, it would be in this area of stopping short, of not following through. 

For the moment, that's more than plenty "About Lynn."  I have further plans for this page, ideas about links from names mentioned above to carry readers (who have an interest) to photos, stories, memoir excerpts, or poems about each of these contributors to this odd verse of a woman we'll call me.  Hopefully, fingers crossed, I will not stop short this time.
























A couple facts: 

Born in Upland, California, January 1947, to Bill and Opal Due--good, solid, hard-working people from Oklahoma and Arkansas, respectively. 

Wed Alphonse Leon Doiron in Riverside, California, May 1966--a good, kind, funny, bright, gentle man from Massachusetts.

Birthed three children--Don, Dani, and Aimee--in Riverside, California, 1968, 1971, and 1972, respectively.  Three good, solid, hard-working, degree-carrying, funny, kind, handsome, married, and delightful people (if I do say so myself!). 

Widowed after 22 years of marriage when Al died, November 5, 1988.

Graduated with honors and B.A. English, Creative Writing, California State University, Sacramento, June, 1995.  Recipient Dominic J. Bazzanella Awards for fiction and expository non-fiction.  Non-fiction editor, American River Literary Review. 

Mother-in-law to Cammie Lavell Smith Doiron, Curtis Riggs Johnson, and Josh Macaluso.

Grandmother to Alphonse, born to Don and Cammie, October 1991; to Carolynn, born to Don and Cammie, March 1993; to Riggs, born to Aimee and Curt, May 2000; to Riley Lynn, born to Aimee and Cut, April 2003.

Granddaughter of Tom & Elsie (Gray) Ivy and Ralph & Emma (Bolton) Due.

Contributing author to various anthologies, including Letters to Our Mothers: I Always Meant to Tell You, ed. Constance Warloe, Pocket Books; Father Letters: What I Never Said, ed. Constance Warloe, Story Line Press; The Farmer's Daughter, ed. Elizabeth Cooper (forthcoming).

Author, hand wording, New & Selected Poems, TJMF Publishing, 2006.





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